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Learn how to reach, engage and retain software developers and advance your career in Developer Relations (DevRel).

Why Beacamp?

Who is this for?

Access premium and structured developer relations (DevRel) and developer marketing (DevMar) education, including developer market research, messaging, technical content marketing, community building, technical writing & documentation, influencer marketing, technical training & presentation, performance measurement, and many more.

Gain the skills and knowledge to successfully market products to developers, drive user acquisition, and increase retention rates. Take your DevRel skills to the next level with Beacamp!

Beacamp is designed for developers, marketers, developer advocates, sales engineers, and product managers who want to learn how to market, engage, and promote products to developers.

You'll achieve your goals whether you are new to the field of developer relations and marketing or have experience and want to improve your skills and knowledge.

Developer Evangelist

Community Manager

Developer Advocate

Have the tools and knowledge you need to attract and engage developers as a DevRel and marketing professional in roles, such as:

Access courses, materials, and other DevRel professonals.

Engaging Courses, 9+ hours of content, 50+ quizzes & assessments, 100% self-paced.

You will gain a thorough understanding of market research, messaging and positioning, content marketing, community building, and influencer marketing through hands-on exercises, quizzes, and real-world examples.

Get Certified!

Upon completing each course, you will receive a certificate to enhance your portfolio and demonstrate your expertise and dedication to professional development in Developer Relations.

The Best Place to Start and Advance Your DevRel Career

Join a community of like-minded DevRel professionals, and earn a recognized certificate that demonstrates your expertise. Don't miss this chance to invest in your future and succeed in the raising field of developer relations and marketing.